Razor Blade Disposal Tin

Razor Blade Disposal Tin


A compact razor blade disposal tin that will fit discreetly in any bathroom. Holds up to 100 blades - once full, tape up and put into your  recycling bin.

This handy little blade bank is designed for the safe disposal of your razor blades.  Made from tin plated quality steel it will ensure your used blades are stored safely, protecting yourself and others. 

Each disposal tin can easily store up to 100 blades and once full just tape up the slit and the bottom then put into your metal recycling bin.

The bottom of this tin can be removed so you are able to empty the blades and reuse the tin however for safety reasons we would not advise this practice.

Must be kept out of reach of children

Packaging - Comes with an unbleached kraft paper box printed with soy ink, which is 100% recyclable.