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Cotton Scrubby - Recycled

Cotton Scrubby - Recycled

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Made using remnant cotton fibres from the towelling industry, it’s decorated with vibrant colours and patterns to replace the dirty old brush or sponge sitting on the edge of your sink (you’ve been threatening to get rid of it for ages). These fibres are then treated with a plastic-free, food-safe ‘hardener’ which gives the cloth its scrubbing power – it’s a lot tougher than it might look! Once it’s come to the end of its useful life it can be composted.

Environmentally friendly, effective on a range of surfaces and beautifully designed to liven up your kitchen!

Kind to the planet, tough on dirt.

Reusable and washable - when it starts to look a bit grubby, you can simply pop it into the washing machine (or even the dishwasher) to freshen it up.

Please note: not suitable for polished surfaces, as it might scratch them.


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