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Reusable Airtight Silicone Milk Topper

Reusable Airtight Silicone Milk Topper


No more crying over spilt milk.

‘Oonk!’ silicone airtight lids help to keep your milk and juices to stay fresher for longer - no more crumpled foil on top of the glass bottle!

Designed to fit snuggly inside the rim of the bottle, rather than to simply fit over the top like other products on the market, the food grade silicone creates a great airtight seal to ensure your delivered goods stay fresher for longer.

Designed by Ramsey based business ‘Oonk!’

Product Care: Dishwasher and fridge safe

Size: Each pack contains 3 reusable silicone tops. They fit a standard UK one pint glass milk bottle.

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