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Botanical Shampoo Bar – Calendula – Blonde / Fine Hair

Botanical Shampoo Bar – Calendula – Blonde / Fine Hair


Calendula natural shampoo bar is made using only 100% natural ingredients, handmade in the UK by Bain & Savon. The perfect plastic free and zero waste alternative to shampoo in disposable plastic bottles. Calendula oil is high in regeneration properties, making it an excellent remedy for thin hair. This oil encourages hair follicle growth, and the antioxidant properties protect your scalp against cell-damaging free radicals.

A beautiful shampoo bar scented with Calendula olive oil and petals and Geranium oil to brighten up your hair.

100% Natural ingredients

No transition phase

Vegan & cruelty free

Palm oil free

No parabens and no SLS

Handmade in the beautiful UK countryside

This shampoo bar is made with coconut oil and added blended botanical oils to add luxury to your shampoo baubles and to nourish and hydrate naturally. Calendula shampoo bar is ideal for fine hair.

Hand crafted & free from preservatives and SLS, Bain & Savon only use natural ingredients that are suitable for vegans, with no animal testing.

A healthy alternative to commercial shampoo, free from chemicals and of course without a plastic bottle!


Key Ingredients In Calendula Shampoo Bar:

Sweet Almond oil - helps nourish and condition the hair and may encourage hair growth. The vitamins in sweet almond oil are perfect for treating hair loss, split ends, frizzy and dull hair.

Calendula oil - is often used to hydrate dry scalps, remove dandruff, and improve the condition of the scalp. With its regenerative properties it helps the hair follicles grow abundantly allowing for a thicker mane, and the antioxidants help protect the hair and scalp against cell-damaging free radicals.

Witch hazel - A delightful calming plant extract that is effective at reducing scalp irritation and helping reduce redness.

Geranium essential oil - Can regulate dryness, excess oil, and the production of sebum. To improve hair growth, a healthy scalp is key.


This shampoo bar has no transition phase.