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Recycled Toilet Paper

Recycled Toilet Paper


UK manufactured 100% recycled toilet paper!

Choose from either;


BoxRoll 2 Ply Recycled Toilet Tissue

400 pattern embossed sheets per roll!

42 meters long

That’s an extra 100 sheets per roll vs the previous BoxRoll!



BoxRoll LUXURY XL 3 Ply Toilet Tissue

Previously the Luxury Roll had 24 rolls, with 150 sheets per roll. The new Luxury XL rolls have 18 rolls, but with a whopping 220 sheets per roll!

That means we’re now able to pack more sheets into a smaller box. You get an extra 360 sheets, with no change in price!

Each roll is 23.1m long and made from 100% Pure Pulp sourced from Environmentally and Accredited Forests