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Organic Flaxseed and Lavender Eye Pillow

Organic Flaxseed and Lavender Eye Pillow


Ideal for use in relaxation, yoga, pain relief and well being techniques. These beautiful eye pillows are handmade in Cambridgeshire.

Lavender, known for its proven therapeutic properties, offers a natural remedy for various ailments like headaches and anxiety, whilst Organic Flaxseed conforms to the unique contours of your face, providing targeted acupressure.

Discover the ideal blend of acupressure and a pleasant scent, with each pillow providing 140g of relaxation for your mind, body, and soul.

Simply place over your closed eyes (or forehead) and enjoy as the eye pillow moulds to the contours of your face.

HEAT ME - Place the eye pillow on a warm radiator for a few seconds at a time. Alternatively heat the eye pillow in the microwave for 20 - 30 seconds (700W microwave) to aid yoga relaxation and meditation, sleep and tired eyes. Ensure the eye pillow is only microwaved from room temperature only. Take care to avoid burns.

COOL ME - Place the eye pillow in the freezer for up to 1 hour before use in an airtight container to create a soothing cold compress.

CARE - Hand-wash the eye pillow outer cover in warm water using a gentle washing detergent before allowing the cover to air-dry naturally.

The inner bag cannot be washed and should be minimally spot cleaned only if absolutely necessary.