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Double Edge Safety Razor

Double Edge Safety Razor


Traditional safety razors are an effective swap for plastic-free shaving.

Billions of plastic razors and cartridges are thrown away every year that cant be recycled, as the metal is embedded into the plastic.This stainless steel double edge razor has a long, riffled handle made of high-quality metal. The riffles always provide a tight grip. This makes the razor ideal for shaving the face and the body.

The Bambaw double edge razor provides a close shave for both men and women that will last a lifetime if looked after.

Simply replace and recycle the stainless steel blades when needed and you have a safety razor for life.If you have not tried a traditional razor before, the quality of this razor speaks for itself.

You barely need to apply any pressure, just hold the handle in your finger tips, and let the weight of the razor head glide over your skin, giving you the close shave and smooth skin.

These are superior platinum double edge blades that fit snugly in your razor, giving you the closet shave! One of many benefits of the traditional safety razor is the gap between the blade and the frame, allowing hairs to escape the head of the razor, rather than getting stuck like disposable heads.The Bambaw metal safety razor is ideal for beginners. It is designed for easy use and the closed comb makes it less aggressive than an open comb.


Safety razors can take some getting used to and there is a technique to it, this can take time but you’ll get it soon enough.

All you need to do while you are getting used to is take your time and shave carefully, try not to shave in a hurry.

Pull the skin taut in the opposite direction of the blade, and hold the razor at about thirty degree angle. There's no need to apply a lot of pressure, use short, even strokes, rinsing the razor every so often.To replace the blade, hold the head still while you turn the handle counter clockwise.Unscrew the handle all the way and pull apart the two parts of the head.Carefully replace the blade, place the two parts of the head back together and then screw the handle back in clockwise until tight.Make sure to put the two parts of the head together correctly before using.

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