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Bamboo Charcoal Water Filters - 4 Pack

Bamboo Charcoal Water Filters - 4 Pack


Biodegradable bamboo charcoal water filters. Reusable, then compostable and zero waste. Suitable for a 1 litre jug of water. A pack of 4, in a reusable natural cotton bag.


A simple and natural method to filter your tap water, the charcoal filters out chlorine, chloramines and other impurities.

Super efficient, these charcoal filters are made from bamboo charcoal.


* 100% natural

* Plastic-free & zero waste

* Reusable

* Made from bamboo



Bamboo is considered the best material for filtering tap water because of it's large number of porous cavities and huge surface area compared to wood charcoal.

Bamboo is also extremely sustainable, due to it's fast growth.

Bamboo is in abundance, grows fast without the use of fertilizer and has no need for pesticides, making it a very suitable material.


Bamboo charcoal filters absorbs and reduce the following in tap water:



Heavy metals





Use 3 – 4 pieces for a 1 litre jug of water; 6 – 8 pieces for a 2 litre jug.

Wash the charcoal filters under running water to remove excess powder (do not use detergent).

Boil for 10 minutes in a pan of water to sterilise, the. Allow to cool and dry.

Place the charcoal filters in a jug of water (charcoal may float at first but will tend to sink after a week or so of use).

Leave the water and filters to sit for 8 hours or longer for best results. Overnight works well!

Re-sterilise once a week by repeating step 2.

Replace with new charcoal filters every 2 month approximately.


After 2 months of use you may repurpose the filters for mouldy kitchen and bathroom corners, or place in the fridge to keep produce fresh, help remove smells from your fridge or bathroom, they can also be used to help remove moisture from damp areas.

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