Scent Booster & Softener - Fresh Linen 200g tube

Scent Booster & Softener - Fresh Linen 200g tube


Designed to work with Simple Living Eco specially formulated laundry sheets. These powerful little beads are safe for all clothing, fabrics, and washing machines. They simply dissolve in hot and cold water, leaving your laundry smelling amazing and feeling soft!


Add scent boosters to your washing machine (either directly into the drum, or into the detergent drawer) for long-lasting freshness. Add as little or as much as you like, the more you add in the stronger the scent. 


Vegan, Zero waste, Plastic-Free & Hypoallergenic



Glycerol, coconut oil, fresh linen fragrance essential oils (made up of lemon essential oil, lavender essential oil & rosemary essential oil), water

Scent: Fresh Linen