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Bottle Brush Set (4 brushes)

Bottle Brush Set (4 brushes)


This bottle cleaner set has 4 differently sized brushes to cover all your bottle cleaning needs. The complete bottle brush set is completely free of plastic.


It is composed of a stainless-steel handle, sisal bristles and a soft cotton tip to avoid scratches. Sisal is from the agave plant and a completely natural, vegan resource. The wire made of stainless steel is strong, yet flexible. You can easily bend it and put it back to shape to reach all areas of all your glassware.


One major part of your zero-waste journey is to reuse what you have. Taking a reusable bottle anywhere you go, helps to reduce the number of 1 million plastic bottles sold each minute worldwide. However, these need to be cleaned regularly and the easiest and most thorough way to do that is with a bottle brush. You can also use these bottle brushes to clean out glass bottles, jars, baby bottles etc.


Many bottle brushes are made of plastic and have a sponge tip which leaks microplastic into your bottle and the sewage system. Those are also not recyclable or biodegradable. To avoid ingesting microplastic and environmental pollution, consider opting for a plastic free bottle cleaner with natural bristles, such as these!


The minimum entry diameter has been measured for each brush (please refer to the attached picture) so make sure to check if the set fits before purchasing it.

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