Bamboo Toothbrush - Premium

Bamboo Toothbrush - Premium


Premium Bamboo Toothbrush: High-Quality Care for your Teeth and the Planet


When it comes to dental health, one must provide the best care. The same thing also applies to the environment. Less plastic means less pollution. We are confident that this premium bamboo toothbrush is the answer to both concerns, and that you will love it! These toothbrushes pair perfectly with toothpaste tablets.


Plastic Phobia have done a lot of research into toothbrush bristles. It seems that there is no perfect solution available that is entirely eco friendly. They have since decided to give the premium toothbrush nylon 11 bristles.

Nylon 11 is derived from castor oil, a more natural alternative to crude oil. This means the bristles are plant based and are a bioplastic. They’re not biodegradable and they cannot be recycled. They should either be put in a waste bin or put in an eco brick.

They used to stock nylon 4 bristles, which could biodegrade however, what does ‘biodegrade’ actually mean in terms of bristles? Since nylon is a plastic, the bristles will ‘biodegrade’ into smaller and smaller plastics, or microplastics. Therefore it is not like bamboo breaking down into compost. With nylon bristles, even after it has biodegraded it is still a plastic. Is that really what you want in your compost?

Another alternative talked about is bamboo charcoal bristles but unfortunately the reality is they are actually nylon, not true bamboo charcoal.

It is still a developing story and Plastic Phobia think as the zero waste market continues to grow innovative solutions will find new ways to tackle this problem. For now they think that nylon derived from plants is the most eco friendly option available. Of course you can remove the bristles with pliers then compost the bamboo handle.


How firm are the bristles?

The bristles are medium-firm.


Standard Toothbrush VS Premium Toothbrush: What’s the difference?

1.) Both handles are crafted using organic bamboo, and as a result they are both also compostable handles.

However, one notable difference is that the premium toothbrush has a circular handle, whereas the standard toothbrush is flat. Thus, the former is designed to give you the most comfortable grip.

2. The standard toothbrush is 17.2 cm in length whereas the premium toothbrush is 18.7 cm. Therefore, the premium toothbrush is made longer for the best brushing experience.



This toothbrush is made in Fujian, China. It is a mountainous area and it is these mountains where the bamboo grows to make these toothbrushes. The land is owned by the Chinese government so it is not at risk of overexploitation by companies. It is organic bamboo, grown with only water. It grows much faster than trees do therefore it is a very sustainable material.

The factory has good working conditions and we ship the products to the UK by sea to minimise emissions. To offset these emissions Plastic Phobia plant trees.

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