Bamboo Soap Dish With Detachable Drainage Tray

Bamboo Soap Dish With Detachable Drainage Tray

This bamboo soap dish is perfect for storing soap (and Conditioner!) bars. 

It has a detachable slotted base that acts as a drainage tray, allowing water & suds to drain away from the bar whilst also being easy to lift out and clean.

It also has low edges so that the soap stays firmly in place :)

111mm x 81mm x 30mm

To prolong the life of your dishes it is best to ensure that they are not left to sit in a puddle of water or in humid conditions. Instead allow them to dry and occasionally remove the central tray and wipe it down with a cloth.

In addition, the bamboo soap dishes are coated in a waterproof paint to help prolong their life as well. It is nitrocellulose lacquer, which is derived from cotton (not acrylic based) and will biodegrade. It is completely non-toxic and vegan.

The paint will help keep moisture out of the bamboo but does not make it completely waterproof. The easiest thing to do is to give the bamboo soap dishes a wipe down with a towel or cloth when they are soaking wet. The slatted tray in the centre can be taken out so that it can be completely dried.